MCC clears solid management problems

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Mangalore, August 8: Mangalore city cooperation has been given the clearance about citizen solid management and disposing work in relation to running protest.

According the Municipal Solid Management system, 2000 and based on Supreme Court order solid wastes must be disposed in the proper manner and solid materials have to sanitary land filled. Hence MCC has constructed sanitary land fill and compost plantations under the kudsemp project and ADB loan at the cost of Rs. 16 crores. The progressive work started in 2004 and working responsibility given to concerned institutions.

In before the solid wastes were dumped in landfills and there was chance for pollution of under water and moreover there were chance for burning. Once the landfill full’s then again the dumping problem occurs. In every seven days w3astes will be dumped in the next line and 35 days that will be separated in to fertilizers and remained will be put in the sanitary landfill. MCC ordered concerned officials to start the work within 48 hours.

In the present situation to remove the smell MCC ordered the contractors to spread the DTT and in association with forest officials nearly 4,000 sampling plantation programmes is under process.

By: sathish Kapikad

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