Ullal sea erosion: Janardhan Poojary assured to provide govt. Space to victims

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Mangalore, August 5:’ Sea erosion caused to collapse of several Areas and in before during 1977, lakhs of rupees spent for the welfare of Ullal and Bengre region said former union minister Janardhan Poojary.


He visited the damaged place from the sea erosion and discussed with presspersons that the area looks scary and when he was a member of parliament he assured them about providing home facility at   other side, but people were didn’t accept. He further said that now people asking help, but there is no government place and he assured to give the place near Dheralakatte.


He visited three houses, which were damaged from the sea erosion and he provided the financial help Rs 1000 each to house owners Rehana Muhammad, Aliyabba Fakeera and Alimama Moideen.


He said that the given money is not government fund rather than it distributed from the pocket of Congress leaders.


Before meet to damaged area, he visited house of Prameela resident of Mundana, Kadri hills. Her daughter pursuing education in Gokarnanatha College, hence he returned paid fee Rs 3600 back her and her sister.

By: sathish Kapikad

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