Udipi: District building and construction workers union’s annual general body meeting

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Udipi; August 04: District building and construction workers union’s 13th annual general meeting was held on August 04, Sunday at Bannanje Narayan Guru Kalyana Mantap.


The following decisions have been taken in the meeting.

  1. Some of the facilities as decided in state building workers Mandali were not being provided to workers due to technical reasons and therefore on August 20, Sangha will stage a protest in front of DC office.
  2. Increase in membership drive
  3. All the workers should be given BPL
  4. State-wide protest will be staged in the last week of September by different worker’s Sanghas
  5. CITU representation should be given in state building workers Kalyana Mandali
  6. In state Kalyana Mandali Rs 1440 crore is there but released only Rs 22 crore and the balance money is decaying there and the same should be given to workers as decided in the meeting.

Vishwanath Rai, President, Pra Ka Balakrishna Shetty, Dhogu Suvarna, secretary and others were present.

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