Insult to Jhansi Raani: Hindu Jana Jagrathi stages protest

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Mangalore, August 4: Opposing the CBSE action for publishing the hukka holding Jhansi Raani Laxmi Bhai’s photo Hindu jana jagruthi staged a protest in front of Deputy Commissioner office, demanding stringent action against the publisher.


Addressing the gathering committee member Prasanna Kamath said that in the CBSE 5th standard book Jhansi rani’s photo depicted like holding hukka, which is published by Orient Black swan and this is insult to freedom fighter. Hence stringent action must be taken against the culprit, he urged.


In the history nowhere mentioned the smoking of Jhansi raani, hence Congress government purposely published those pictures. In another side, rahul gandi’s lesson is also included. Congress misusing the lesson system and every one must condemn this, he urged.


Ramanda Gowda and Sukanya Acharya were present.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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