MCC carelessness: water runs to waste at Town Hall pump house

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Mangaluru ,may.28th: Large number of people, especially women gathered near Town Hall Pump house on Friday, May 27. It was not on accord of any event, but it was a scene of chaos as people from Kandhuka, Port ward no-45 took exception to the fact that precious water was flowing to waste in Town Hall premises.

The raged locals said that the water has been flowing since 11 am and the unmanned pump house only made the situation worse because, the alert local did not know how to handle the situation.

Finally when the locals contacted the pump house staff, they did not turn up at the spot till 1 pm.

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Sathish, a local resident said that the taps in the ward have gone dry since the last few weeks. “We were raged to see precious water being wasted here at the Pump House. It was only on Thursday mid night that water was supplied to the ward. When there is shortage of water, how is the MCC being so careless. We are struggling for every drop of water and the MCC is taking the issue so lightly,” said Sathish.

The locals say that all their efforts to speak to local corporator Latheef only met failure.

Now the locals are demanding suspension of every person- workers, officials and others, both directly and indirectly responsible for the episode.

The wastage of water comes as a startling episode especially when the city has not fully recovered from water scarcity.

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