Atrocity case: Bantwal Sub-Inspector taken to judicial custody – released on bail

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Mangalore, Aug 1: Due to irresponsibility in atrocity case and negligence towards court order,  Bantwal rural police station sub-inspector Mahesh Prasad was taken to judicial custody here on Wednesday July 31, according the sources.

On 2010, a woman had filed an atrocity case in the Bantwal rural police station, hence the court had ordered the sub- inspector to submit documents and produce witnesses relating to the case, and had also directed the police inspector to appear. But, Mahesh Prasad  showed carelessness towards  the court order and neglected the show-cause notice also,  hence the court has issued a warrant against him.

He appeared in court, but did not produce necessary documents or witnesses in front of the court, which angered the judge and remanded him in 15 days of judicial custody.

In the last, higher officials of the police department through the help of the public prosecutor managed to release him in the bail.  Mahesh Prasad was let off with a stern warning, and sources said that that he was released in view of his official duty.

By: satish Kapikad

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