New life; Salvation from hijackers

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Kasaragod, August 1:  After releasing from  hijackers Meltaramba Nadakkal Thotathhil Veetle Vasanth Kumar and Uduma Palakunni’s K V resident,  late K V Kannan’s son  V K Babu, safely reached their  home land and had a happy reunion with their families

Pirates released 24 Indians, who were under their custody  in Africa & after release they went to Dubai and from there they returned to Mangalore. Vasanth Kumar reached house at 2 o clock and Babu reached at 3 and they thanked the wishers.

Kidnap story: On July 17, at Port Gentil in Gabon, a group of 15 pirates had hijacked the Turkey ship while officers were in the sleep. The captain of the ship and his officials were locked in one room and pirates looted laptop, mobile phones, clothes, jewellery etc. The CCTV camera and television were destroyed to pieces and were thrown in the sea. The satellite connection from the ship was also disconnected and ship was later moved towards Nigeria where they looted 3,000 tonnes of cargo black oil and diesel, Vasanth Kumar said.

Captives Indians are from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Odisha, Goa and there were others too in the ship, said vasanth Kumar and Babu.

By: Satish Kapikad

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