Government ready to give ownership letters-says ministers in assembly session

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Karkala; July 31: The number of houses like in Karkala taluk 2995 houses, in Udipi district 11,113 houses, wherein people have built houses in government lands but still they do not possess ownership letters. Out of these, 3720 houses in Kundapur taluk and 4398 houses in Udipi taluk exist says revenue minister Shrinivas Prasad.

Replying to question raised by V Sunil Kumar MLA from Karkala constituency in vidhana Sabha assembly session that what step has taken by the government for the people, who have built the houses in government lands in issuing ownership letter? ministers said that government is ready to give ownership letter under Karnataka land amended revenue act 1964, column 94 © to the people, who have built their houses in government lands.

Already houses under village panchayat jurisdiction have been jointly surveyed by village accountant and Panchayat development administrator. In view of issuing ownership letter, Karnataka land revenue act 1964, column 94 (C) has been amended. On the basis of this amended act, government is ready to issue ownership letters to the families, who have built houses in the government lands without ownership letters, ministers clarified.

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