Killing of the RTI Activist…… Silencing the Silent

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Article by: Rohan Shiri

Mangaluru : It was well Planed Murder Plot, It was the start of the week and Mr. Vinyaka Baliga who was always punctual with his time got up dressed to go the temple, after which he had promised to take his aged father to have coffee at Hotel Taj Mahal, But as fate had it way at 5:30 am on Monday, 21st March 2016, Mr. Vinyaka Baliga was hacked to death by two helmet worn motorcyclist right in front of his house. This Cold blooded murder was not only designed to kill him but also to silence the RTI activity of the city by creating fear in their hearts. Many have strongly condemns such cowardly act by individuals. The Police department has taken all required measures in the interest of justice and has achieved initial success in arresting the few culprits.

Many individuals who share a concern for the welfare of the society visited Mr. Baliga’s house to pay homage to the departed soul. They were informed by the family members that Mr. Baliga has put lot of RTI against Electrical dept, Illegal buildings in the city and irregularities in temple administration. He was self made man and always fought for the right of people. He was very helpful towards others and has always spoken out against injustices. He had always kept his appointments update in a dairy, Whatever he did he never shared it with his family and they never knew what he was doing other than that they found neatly bundled paper which taken by the police and is under investigation.

There are many such Baliga’s doing their work silently and systematically, many a time not getting associated to any group or political party. These silent RTI activists are a threat to all those corrupt persons who use all unfair means to meet their objectives.  These silent RTI activists become a very soft target for the corrupt persons who use all their might including the murder to silence them. Mr. Baliga is a standing example of the atrocities of these corrupt mafia, who have found loopholes in the system to scoop out revenue for themselves and their corrupt political partners.   Nowadays even RTI reply is getting diluted there are high chance that you may get a wrong answer from a wrong department or an answer given that it is not found, or not within our jurisdiction

Corruption is now not in the system, but has “become the system”, everyone know that when you buy a land or flat, no one registers the same for 100% valuation, but anywhere between 30-60%.and this rule applies for law makers also, you cannot get a govt. Job without paying few lakhs, nowadays even transfer and promotion means you need to shell out some lakhs. So everyone is getting used to this system , when  RTI activists  ask questions on this kind of corruption, it angers them as how can anyone question this system and hence it is better to eliminate source so that the system is not disturbed

Now the recent govt move to have ACB so that Lokayutha will not only be toothless, but also without any claws to even scratch the corrupt, this fully fool proof system should be considered as the feather in the cap for our present government to protect the corrupt, so that the corrupt can at least sleep without the fear of being caught.

RTI activist are not born from fear, they fight for the cause of the public, to see that system is changed for our next generation. This move by the government looks like that their dream will take a longer time to be released but hope in heart will always fly high and that one day India will be free from these corrupt.

It is not easy to silences these silent RTI activists as public understand their strength and hence they standby with them. RTI activists are targeted for their commitment to bring about the changes. But by working as individuals they have become easy targets. Therefore, it is time for all RTI activists to join hands and become stronger. If a corrupt mafia can join hands for their very survival, why not the RTI activists stand united and thus become mightier than the corrupt system.

If you are an RTI activist it is time to join hands together and we request all RTI activists in DK to come together as one team, contact or SMS  this mobile no. 9449058411 to move forward.

Article by: Rohan Shiri

Editor: Rajendar Kumar

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