Associations supported by BJP in the district is trying to disrupt peace in the district: Mithun Rai.

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Mangaluru, November 24: The associations supported by BJP in the district are trying to disrupt peace in the district, said Youth Congress president Mithun Rai on Tuesday, November 24th.

Addressing a press meet at the congress office here, he strongly condemned the association that disrupted peace in the district and also the conduct of the political party. The family of innocent Harish Poojary who was killed in the incident is in a very pitiable state. They have been given compensation of Rs 5 lakhs from the government and Rs 50,000 has been given by the youth congress. The associations supported by BJP in the district are trying to disrupt peace in the district, he said.


The people of the district have now realized the acts of the associations supported by BJP. People of the district felt sorrow over the death of innocent Harish Poojary. People feel that today Harish Poojary, tomorrow a member from their house might fall prey for such plot. Although Harish Poojary has expired, he has set an example to develop brotherlihood in the district, he said.

Bhuvith Shetty and Achyut Poojary who were arrested in relation to the Harish Poojary murder case are BJP activists and had actively involved in the BJP supported associations. These had given life threat to in-charge minister Ramanth Rai and had also justified the Kulburgi murder case. In Harish Poojary murder case, the BJP supported associations have used him. Some now allege that the arrested in the case are innocents. On which grounds do they say that they are innocents? If so, do they know the real culprits, he questioned.

Why the BJP and associations supported by BJP which took to streets demanding arrest of culprits within 24 hours in the Prashanth Poojary murder case has not taken to streets in the Harish Poojary case? questioned Mithun Rai, and said this has aroused suspicions.

Thoughts are on to support the family of Harish Poojary, and discussions were held with the in-charge minister on providing government job to the sister of deceased Harish, he informed.

In the press meet, Ramananda Poojary, Nazir Bajal, Vinay Raj, Praveen Chandra Alva, Ansar, Bilal Bille, Prasad, Lawrence and others were present.

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