“Rajasthan Rural Fair” exhibition and sale organized at Hotel Mothi Mahal.

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Mangaluru, June 26:  “Rajasthan Rural Fair”, a Rajasthan Art and Crafts Exhibition and sale of handicrafts and handloom saree organized by the Rajasthan Art and Crafts was inaugurated recently by MLA JR Lobo at Hotel Mothi  Mahal here.

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This exhibition and sale will go on till July 5th. This expo, comprises of handlooms and silk saree collection from various states and collection of handicraft articles. Rajasthan silk saree, Mysore silk saree, Orissa silk saree, Kantha work sarees, Kosiya handloom sarees, Bagalpur silk sarees, Banaras silk sarees, Veg-dye block printed sarees, Madhurai Sugudi otton sarees, samblapuri Iktha sarees, handloom cotton sarees, Chandar cotton sarees, Paunchapalli handloom sarees, polkari design patiyala, polkari bedsheet and sofa set cover, Rajasthan bed sheets and other handloom sarees are sold here.

Jodhpur and Sarangpur wooden furniture’s, Hyderabad Black metal idols, bronze articles, special design Jaipur ornaments, unique clay idols, blue crockery items collections are here, informed organizer Dinesh Sahrma.

Organizers of the exhibition, Mahaveer, and Dinesh Sharma, congress leaders T K Sudheer, Ramananda Poojary and others were resent on this occasion.

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