MIA to park two more aviations, install two aero bridges-Project chalked out.

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Mangaluru, June 9: An Rs 3.50 crore plan is chalked out for the additional aviation parking system at the Mangaluru International Airport in Kenjar here. Tender process has been called and the works are expected to begin within a couple of months.

Currently airport facilitates parking for six aviations. There is a necessity of additional parking space for the emergency landing of two aviations. This parking system work has to be finished in order to implement the Rs 8 crore project of installing two aero-bridges.

In the airport, there is facility to park simultaneously six aviations and three aviations at the old airport. A project was planned for the parking system of additional two aviations and sent to the National Airport authority of India. The authority has given a nod and permitted to call the tender.

Aero Bridge:

In the new airport at Kenjar, for the passengers who alight from the plane, the air-conditioned aero-bridge system to reach at the terminal building is already in place.

Two aero-bridges has been imported from Indonesia. As the air traffic rate is increasing in Mangaluru, two more aero-bridges are needed. It costs Rs 4 crores each. The National Airport authority of India has consented to install aero-bridges, and tender process for the same are going on. If two new aviation parking are not done, these aero-bridges cannot be installed. Hence these two projects are interlinked to each other. The authority has decided to implement two projects in phases.

After being recognized as the International Airport, there is an increase in the number of passengers arriving here. In this view, the National Airport authority of India has consented to provide additional aviation parking, and aero-bridge facility. The tender process for this is going on informed JT Radhakrishna, director, Mangaluru International Airport.

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