Unclaimed dead bodies cremated in Mangaluru as per customs.

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Mangaluru, May 2: The unclaimed dead bodies which were placed in the Wenlock government hospital here were mass cremated with respect at the Nandigudde crematorium under the “Prajadharma” program held by DK district unit of human rights association of India.

Unclaimed eight dead bodies belonging to Hindu religion were cremated at Nandigudde crematorium and the one which belonged to Muslim religion was cremated at the burial place in the premises of Badriya Jumma Masjid on Saturday, May 2nd. The general public’s have praised this good deed.

Deadbody_funral_2 Deadbody_funral_3

It is the first time in the history of sixty years, the unclaimed dead bodies in Mangaluru was cremated according to their customs with respect. In this wake, the association had protested to inform that unclaimed dead bodies must be cremated in a proper way, instead of giving them to the hospitals.

The leaders of the association such as Haneef Saheb Pajepalla, Vijaya Prasad Alva,  Ganghadhar Shetty, Chandrashekhar Shetty and others were also present.

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