Karnataka’s Deepamale Devi wins gold in 20-km walk

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Mangaluru, May 2: On the 2nd day of the 19th Federation Cup Senior Athletics Championship on Saturday May 2nd, in the women’s 20 km walk; Deepamale Devi from Karnataka bagged the gold.




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The 20-km walk was held at Tannir Bavi.

Deepamale Devi of Karnataka won the gold with duration of 1:44:29, Punjab’s Sandeep Kaur  won the silver with a timing of 1:48:03, and Priyanka of Uttar Pradesh bagged the bronze with a timing of 1:52:27.

Other events held in the morning session were 110 m decathlon hurdles for men, decathlon discuss throw for men and decathlon pole vault for men.

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