Sri Rama Sene demands action against Prof Bhagawan for passing derogatory comments against Hinduism.

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Mangaluru, April 4: State working president of Sri Rama Sene (SRS) Sri Siddalinga Swamiji demanded the state government to initiate immediate actions against Prof K S Bhagawan, for making derogatory statements on Hinduism.


Addressing a press meet at Arya Samaj office in the city on Saturday April 4th, Sri Siddalinga Swamiji said that, by criticising the Hindu gods and goddesses and also by passing derogatory comments on Rama and Sita, Professor K S Bhagwan has insulted the Hindu community. Although he has passed derogatory statements, the state government has not taken any actions on him, he said.

Further he said, Dr Chidananda Murthy who is aged 90 years, was detained by the police and the state government for his Devaradasi Mayya. But when the Hindu community was insulted by K S Bhagawan, no action was taken by the government. Sri Rama Sene condemns this dual stand of the state government, he said.


He also warned of holding protest in Dakshina Kannada and also all over the state against the government and demand immediate arrest of K S Bhagawan in the coming days.

Siddalinga Swamiji criticized the union government while speaking of Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, and said, cancer patient Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has been in jail since the past nine years. Till date no charge sheet has been filed in court, because there is no proof of her involvement in the blast. At the same time, the BJP unfortunately formed government with the PDP in Kashmir and released separatist Masarat Alam who is accused in the murder of 108 people. Why is different laws followed for Muslims and another for Hindus? Sri Rama Sene condemns this stand of union government, he said.


Speaking on cow slaughter he said, “Maharashtra, Haryana and some other states have already banned cow slaughter”. The BJP-led government should ban cow slaughter throughout the nation and bring stringent laws against this.

On the same occasion, Siddalinga Swamiji said announced that Manohar Tulajaram has been appointed Dharmajagruti provincial convener, and Vijayashree Gatty has been appointed as chief of Durga Sene with Secretary as Shobha Sandeep.


State secretary of SRS Praveen Valke, Anand Shetty Adyar, Jeevan Neermarga, Durga Sene president- Vijayashree  Gatty were present among others in the press meet.

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