Bollywood, Hollywood actor “Badman”Gulshan Grover in city; Likes fish curry!

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Mangalore, June 8: While speaking to media reporters Gulshan Grover, who came to city on private visit to attend private function said in his speech that problems, difficulties are part and parcel of life.

Each and every person has their own difficulties, problems in one way or other, one has to face it boldly, he said.

Commenting on Jeeya Jan’s suicide case, she has taken extreme step to end her life by committing suicide. Problems/difficulties may be many fold but committing suicide is not the solution, he opined.

Further he said, financial problems or right opportunity problems etc are quite common in film industry, it does not mean that, it is the end of life. He narrated his own experience, how he has undergone all the ordeals in life.

He also said that one has to proceed according to his/her wish, hobby or passion in life. He obtained his degree from Sri Ram College, Delhi, where students with 95% marks only were supposed to get an admission. He could have continued his career with that degree only but his love/passion for acting deterred him to continue.

Answering the questions posed by media reporters about how he has become famous through dialogues only, he said that unlike in present days, modern technologies were not available during those days. All the actions, expressions, talents and dialogues had to come through individually, it is true that it was not original but now it is not like that now. Modern technologies help in long way.

He also informed that he would act with Saif Ali Khan in the upcoming movie’Bullet Raja’ and also he will be acting in forthcoming movies like”Ooper Ooper” “Yaryan” and “Baath Ban Gayi”.

Hai Kudla, Yaan Gulshan Grover

When his fans requested him to talk about Mangalore, he answered them only with one sentence “ Hai Kudla,Yaan Gulshan Grover,Bollywooddha Bad boy” and started laughing.

I Love ‘Kudla Fish Curry’

Continuing his humorous talk, he said that Mangalore is good place for tourism and he likes beaches, temples and greenery of Mangalore and he had visited Kudremukh once a few years back for picture shooting. Compared to those days Mangalore has developed drastically in all the fields, he added.

Since he loves ‘Kudla fish curry’ immediately after arriving to the city he had fish curry food,he said

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