Grand celebrations mark 21st anniversary of Dubai Devadiga Sangha; Mrs & Dr. B S Sherigar felicitated

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Dubai devadiga sangha-2013-programe178

Dubai, June 8: Dubai Devadiga Sangha has celebrated its 21st anniversary on June 7, Friday at Deira Sheraton, Dubai in a grand style.

The programme was inaugurated with the lighting of lamp by all the guests on the dais.

Starting from the beginning till the end cultural programmes of the day entertained the entire audience and well accepted and lauded by each and every one present in the hall.

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Filmy dances, short farces (comedy) orchestra, singing, felicitation and honoring of achievers and other various entertainment activities made 21st anniversary a memorable day.

B S Sherigar, retired vice chancellor of Kuvempu University and chief guest of the programme, who has been a successful educationist and has done a marvelous jobs in the field of education has been honored and felicitated along with his wife Jayashree on the occasion.

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While Mr Harish Sherigar, president of the sangha and his wife Sharmila Sherigar wrapping shawl on Mrs&Mr B S Sherigar,Mrs&Mr.Harishchandra Devadgia,veteran members of the sangha presented flowers and fruits,Mrs&Mr Narayan Devadiga presented memento to the couple,Mrs&Mr.Ananda Devadiga presented felicitation letter and Mrs &Mr Dinesh Devadiga offered flower bouquet to the couple.

After accepting the honour, B S Sherigar while addressing the audience said in his guest speech that sangha should aim to provide education to poor students of the community. There are many instances where students are decaying at home as they cannot afford to go to school because of poverty.

Responsibility of the sangha’s must be, to bring light in the lives of those who have been deprived of their education due to poverty. Then only there will be a meaning in Sangha, he said. By doing so, along with our community, whole society will also taste the growth, he added.

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Further he said that there should be a unity in the community and with this, there is the possibility of progress and will help in bringing equality in the society and have to do some social concerned works for the benefits of the society, he opined.

He also said that most of the people came here in search of profession for their livelihood and lives as aliens. Wherever we go, whatever we do but we must not forget our motherland, mother tongue and our culture ever. This will help in the growth of our children and to bring our hidden talents out. When we see the enthusiasm in today’s youths, definitely they deserve to have one vedhike (stage) of this type.

He appreciated the Sangha’s activities under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Harish Sherigar and wished all round success in days to come.

On this occasion advisor Mr Anand and his wife Mrs.Shobha Anand also have been felicitated by wrapping shawl around them and presented them fruits and flowers and memento.

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Sarvotham Shetty, President of Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha while speaking in his guest speech said that Dubai Devadiga sangha has been doing good works under the able leadership of Harish Sherigar and Sherigar should be a role model for others.

Besides being busy in his business activities, he also engaged himself in singing and became popular by name “Kishore Kumar”.

Shetty also said that in spite of being a great achiever in the field of education, it is highly regret to note that Rajyotsava award has not been conferred on B S Sherigar so far and hope at least now Karnataka government must recognize and identify him for the prestigious Rajyotsava award.

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In the beginning, Harish Sherigar, president of Sangha while welcoming the audience, guests also said that poor children to be provided education and in this context Dubai Devadiga sangha has been disbursing scholarships to around 400 students every year through Devadiga Sangah, Mangalore.In future too Dubai Devadiga sangha will help in a big way and planning a big which is unique in its own way in this regard, he said.

This year Dubai Devadiga Sangha cricket team has won three times in three different places. Winning team members like Dileep, Rajesh and other team members have been felicitated by giving away the trophies by P V shashikanth, former Karnataka Ranji team captain.

Entertainment programme was started with the song from Shankarabharanam by Suresh Devadiga and another song “Dhaane Ponne, Ninna Manasenk Theriyande Pova”again by Suresh Devadiga mesmerized the audience.

Harish sherigar’s “Mokedha Singari-tulu song” Sunil Devadiga’s Kannada song, ”Nirel tulu picture playback singer Akshata, Ashok-Vinaya,Sunil-Sujatha with their melodious songs entertained the spectators.

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“Bende kaayi, Thonde Kaayi thotadhallidhe” dance by Devdiga sangha members in their school uniforms like school children reminded of our childhood days. A farce (short comedy) presentation by Gammath Kalavidharu (artists) was another item of the day and was appreciated by people in the hall.

“Govinda Bolo Hari Gopala Bolo” dance by Harsha Laxmidas& team, choreographed by Jismitha vivek has lured the heart of the spectators. Filmy dance by Naveen Devadiga & team has thrilled the audience.

Filmy dances by Sangeetha Devadiga & team, Rakshatha, Deeksha, Vikas& team, Anshul Sherigar& team enthralled the whole spectators. Some people have been felicitated with spot prizes.

Ten people from the audience have been awarded through lucky draw.

Dinesh Devadiga, Arun Kumar, Deepak, MS Jesta have anchored the programme and Laxmidas proposed the vote of thanks.


  1. Great inspiration ,unity,strenth, brotherhood learning from dubai devadiga sangha.thanks.keep itup.

  2. It was ENTERTAINMENT!! ENTERTAINMENT!! & ENTERTAINMENT!!, all the day & the program had the touch and flavor, for all aspects of enjoyment. Also it was an opportunity to meet a great personality like Dr. B. S. Sherigar, his speeches were so inspiring & his towering achievements, really to be admired, especially coming from a very simple, mediocre background.

    Congratulations to Mr. Harish & all the Committee members for putting up a good show & for such a noble cause. Best of luck, for all your future endeavors.

  3. I on behalf of the committee would sincerely like to thank all you guys for making this event a grand success.
    Especially the participants, members, guests and the well wishers/sponsors.

  4. The programme coverage by Kannadigaworld is fantastic.

    The programme coverage and quick flashing of report by Kannadiga is fantastic.It was a celebration with all fun and frolic, recognition and an event to bring the community members together. A great team work led by Shri. Harish Sherigar.The presence of Dr. B.S.Sherigar added value to the vision of Devadiga Sangha Dubai.Congratulations to all.

  5. looks like the gala event with lot of perfection. keep up the good work.all very best in future too.

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