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    somnath devadiga

    Great inspiration ,unity,strenth, brotherhood learning from dubai devadiga sangha.thanks.keep itup.

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    A great programme with an eminent scholar as the chief guest.

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    Brilliant show 3 Cheers to Devadiga sangha Dubai

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    Prashant Rao

    It was ENTERTAINMENT!! ENTERTAINMENT!! & ENTERTAINMENT!!, all the day & the program had the touch and flavor, for all aspects of enjoyment. Also it was an opportunity to meet a great personality like Dr. B. S. Sherigar, his speeches were so inspiring & his towering achievements, really to be admired, especially coming from a very simple, mediocre background.

    Congratulations to Mr. Harish & all the Committee members for putting up a good show & for such a noble cause. Best of luck, for all your future endeavors.

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    Bharath Kumar

    Congrats Dubai Devadiga Sangha! Good Entertainment! Great Team Work!

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    Dinesh Kumar

    I on behalf of the committee would sincerely like to thank all you guys for making this event a grand success.
    Especially the participants, members, guests and the well wishers/sponsors.

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    Hiriadka Mohandas

    The programme coverage by Kannadigaworld is fantastic.

    The programme coverage and quick flashing of report by Kannadiga world.com is fantastic.It was a celebration with all fun and frolic, recognition and an event to bring the community members together. A great team work led by Shri. Harish Sherigar.The presence of Dr. B.S.Sherigar added value to the vision of Devadiga Sangha Dubai.Congratulations to all.

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    Nandakishore H.k

    looks like the gala event with lot of perfection. keep up the good work.all very best in future too.

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    Dinesh Sherigar

    I missed this Grand program. Nice photos.

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    Rajesh Devadiga


  11. 2

    Dinesh Kumar

    Good & fast coverage, excellent pictures!

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    Realy awesome pic, am feeling proud, belonging this comunity.

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