Amazing magic show- Magician sleeps inside ice box for 20 minutes.

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Mangaluru, February 24:  As part of the ’World Magicians Day’, the Mangala Magic Circle had organized magic show on the evening of Monday, February 24th.

Various artists presented magic shows among which the show ‘Buried Alive’ presented by Sagar drew the attention of all.

kadri_magic_show_2 kadri_magic_show_3 kadri_magic_show_4

Excited youth Sagar slept inside an ice filled glass box for 20 minutes, and freed himself from a locked up chain, there by exhibiting a new adventure.

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According to the doctors, a person’s heart rate reduces if he sleeps inside the ice for more than one minute. The blood begins to coagulate. The brain stops functioning. But this lad had slept inside the ice for twenty minutes and performed the dangerous adventure successfully.

kadri_magic_show_11 kadri_magic_show_12

Sagar was tied with 40­feet chain, placed inside the six­ feet glass box filled with ice and locked using 12 locks, but he escaped safely.

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Ambulance from Mangala Hospital and a team of doctors came equipped for the treatment. Heating arrangements were provided to Sagar who was shivering after coming out of the ice box. After some time, he said, he was alright.

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Vijaya Vittalanath Shetty was the Chief guest on this occasion.

Veteran journalist Manohar Prasad, actor Avinash Shetty, and corporator Roopa D Bangera were present.

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