Tuluvas worldwide converge virtually at ‘AATA Tulu Uchchaya USA-Canada’

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Canada, Oct 19:  All America Tulu Association (AATA) celebrated its one-year anniversary with ‘Tulu Uchchaya USA-Canada 2022’. AATA also known as Akhila Americoda Tuluvere Angana is a community organization of people living in USA-Canada, having their roots in the Tulunad area of Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra states of India. The ‘Uchchaya’ had a wonderful mosaic of programs which began with the melodious Ganesha Stuti by Mrs. Amitha Anuj from Tulukoota Toronto Canada.

Sri Sunil V. Kumar – Honorable Minister of Kannada Culture & Energy Dept, Govt of Karnataka, and MLA of Karkala India, was the honorable guest. He praised and encouraged the effort and interest of the North American Tuluvas, with kind words.

Dr. B.A. Vivek Rai – Former Vice Chancellor, Kannada University Hampi India, Former Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Open University India, was the chief guest of the event, who gave us very useful insights of the tulu folklore, history of Tulunadu by singing some of the tulu folk songs. He also explained how these songs recorded the age-old traditions of our land. Sri Venkatarama Bhat Sullia – Famous Tulu, Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit Scholar from Sullia India, another chief guest of the event, inspired the audience by explaining the importance of preserving Tulu language and the role it played in his academic life.
Another chief guest Sri Walter Nandalike – Journalist and CEO of Daijiworld encouraged the enthusiasm of Tuluvas coming together in a distant land to retain their culture. He also encouraged AATA to actively help and support the ongoing effort for Tulu to be added to the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution. AATA president Sri Bhaskar Sherigar in his presidential address gave the details and importance of holding ‘Tulu Uchchaya’ and activities planned by AATA. On behalf of AATA, he urged honorable Sunil Kumar and the political leaders of the tulunad area to help in getting the ‘respect and honor’ to Tulu language which it deserves.

All of these stalwarts were introduced by AATA vice president Shirish Shetty from Atlanta USA, Sudarshan Shetty AATA Ambassador from Tulukoota Toronto Canada, Anita Naik Ambassador from Tulukoota California USA and Dr. Roshan Pais Ambassador from Kentucky USA.
This was followed by very entertaining cultural programs. The Nandagokula and Green Park Tiger dance teams from Mangalore entertained the audience with their hair-raising Shree Devi Vaibhavam performance. Sanathana Natyalaya from Mangalore performed ‘Sathyanapuratha Siri’- a beautifully enacted Tulu dance drama, where we got to visualize the story of Siri. The audience got an opportunity to enjoy some good laughs, thanks to Kalladka Vittal Nayak and team from Mangalore. The ‘Uchchaya’ culminated with ‘Tulu Pada Rangita’, the tulu music concert with nostalgic Tulu songs from Ilesa founder, state award winner Dr. Rameshchandra and team from Mangalore.

The entire event was beautifully orchestrated by Texas AATA ambassador Siddharth Shetty – Mithali Shetty couple, famous tulu film actor VJ Vineeth Kumar and RJ Abhishek Shetty from Mangalore.
Last but not the least Mr. Prakash Udupa from Texas USA, the general secretary of AATA, on behalf of Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Ambassadors, Advisors and members, thanked the guests, tech crew, cultural, publicity, media, fundraising committees and all involved in his vote of thanks, for making the event a grand success by spending their precious time and sharing their kind words.

Report by: Sushma Jayachandra, Pennsylvania USA

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