Photo of two women holding each other has gone viral, but its not what you think

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A picture of two women embracing in a Brazilian subway station is going viral after a commenter expressed his outrage — for a rather different reason than you might expect. Nelson Felippe, who according to his Facebook profile works at Google and lives in Rio de Janeiro, posted the following post on Tuesday evening. It shows two young women, standing on the platform, in a casual hug. But, it’s the comment that went viral. Translated from Portugese the post reads: “I am not prejudiced, I think everyone does what they want in your life. But, I find it absurd that I have to witness a scene like this. What you do in private is your decision, but what you do in public concerns me, and I refuse to see a scene like this and consider it normal.”

Are you rolling your eyes yet? Keep reading. He then goes on to say: “Worst of all is the example they set for the children. What will happen to a kid that sees this? He’ll think it’s totally normal to wait for the train on the wrong side of the safety line.”

At a point you might have what that what you reading appears to be a homophobic rant about the two women. “However, this really isn’t what it seems. So don’t act like that guy over there. Follow the example of the girls.”

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