How To Approach A Stranger

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Most of the men would love to approach a stranger for a date. But half of them hesitate a lot to be fast enough.

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Of course, the society that we live in may look down upon men who approach a stranger and ask her out immediately. Yes, it is not advisable to ask someone out so fast.
But approaching someone to just talk might be fine and if things really fall in place then sooner or later things would go till a date.

So, it is just about how you come across as a person; and you must act fast when you come across an attractive person without thinking too much about the consequences.

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Now, just take a look at these steps and see if you can understand how to act when you are in such a situation. Of course, ensure that you won’t land in trouble by approaching a short tempered woman who hates talkative strangers.

How To Approach A Stranger

Be Fast
The moment you come across someone attractive, if you have any intensions of approaching her, act immediately. Don’t think twice. If you wait for any longer, your hesitation might dominate you and you will never approach her for a lifetime. So, the thumb rule is to be fast enough.

Break The Ice
You can’t be silent after approaching someone. Start talking. But ensure that you say something relevant to the situation. Otherwise, you would scare her away. Talk about the weather or the traffic or about her car in the parking lot which has blocked your car. When you approach a stranger, you must show some purpose for the conversation in order to look trustworthy.

Safety Factor
A woman won’t even respond if she doesn’t feel safe in your company. So, try to build trust. Be genuine and look safe. Dress up in a sophisticated way and act in a dignified manner. Your manners should really make her want to talk to you when you approach her.

Engage Her
If you can’t engage a woman in a conversation, you have failed to get her; as simple as that! So use your intelligence to take the talk further. Otherwise, your episode will end up with just a ‘hi’ and a bye. Approaching a girl could be easy but engaging her mind isn’t easy.

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