Priyanka’s Exotic moment

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If you like to see an outsider make it big in the league of the blue blooded film royalties, a self-made artist who surprises with every new venture then you are going to love this little piece.

She is perhaps one of the only actors who is constantly upping herself in an industry dominated by men. PC, Piggy Chops, call her what you will, but Priyanka Chopra makes no apologies for the way she handles her life, her choice of films or her social butterfly status that keeps her up and alive in the tabloids with every passing day.

She’s had a cracker of a year especially with her critically acclaimed performance in India’s entry to the Oscars, Barfi!. She added a new meaning to the word multi-faceted by squeezing a Number 1 hit single, ‘In My City’ in between her rigorous acting regime, her numerous endorsement deals, guest and promotional appearances in shows and attending to her father who was battling with cancer. When she was asked about her zeal to work and never rest, she prompty replied, “I will sleep when I am dead.”

PC’s collaboration with the international pop artist and rapper Will.I.Am in her debut single has raised the bar for all her future work. Who better than the party king of the town across oceans to raise the bar for pretty Miss Chops? Pitbull, who was recently brought to India through Red Chillies Entertainment for the opening ceremony of IPL 6, was also heard mentioning this to the media.

The song aptly titled, ‘Exotic’ is already being filmed with the work on music, lyrics and the track completed. So it looks like we have to gear up for the next party anthem! PC has kept her fans updated through her friendly chirpy tweets and the man himself, Pitbull, seems to be setting Twitter abuzz with his shoot location updates. Like every massive party track, this song is being shot in picturesque Miami.

PC, who has always lived life like a rockstar, found her calling as a musician a natural progression from her acting career not only because she is an outstanding performer but also because she comes from a family of outstanding musicians. She is usually pre-booked for her fiery acting skills but now her singing talent might just make her an indispensable name in the music credits as well! Due to her current contract with the music label, Universal, she will have to wait a while before doing her own playback work.

Priyanka has ridden the highs of the celluloid roller-coaster and she is building a fool hardy way to make it stay that way.

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