Mangalore: First consignment of cargo airlifted from cargo complex;

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Mangalore,May 23:It has been revealed by JT Radhakrishnan,Director of Mangalore Airport that the air cargo complex situated at the old terminal  has airlifted the first consignment of machinery parts weighing 500 kg   from Mangalore International Airport to Dubai on May 23,Thursday.

According to the statement made by Melwyn D’souza,station manager of Air India Express,Mangalore,  the present exporter has promised two to three more consignments during the month.

He also informed that many exporters/merchants are enquiring about the formalities regarding export of vegetables and other perishable products to the gulf region.

Recalling the date of inauguration, this was on March 18, this year by union civil aviation minister Ajith singh, Melwyn expressed his happiness over the beginning of airlifting cargo from Mangalore International Airport

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