Don’t resort to politics of vengeance for political gain but pay attention towards productivity; Says DVS

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Mangalore, May 24: While speaking to media reporters  at the district BJP office on May 24,Friday former chief minister DVS has taken a strong exception to the ploy of the congress government in the state to drop several schemes announced by the erstwhile BJP Government.


By trying to resort to politics of vengeance in the state by the congress government, which is not in the best interest of the people of the state and thereby trying to create an atmosphere of disharmony amongst the people of the state.


With regard to the formation of new talukas DVS said that after considering the longstanding demands of the people and on the basis of experts advice, resolution for the formation of new talukas had been passed by BJP Government but statement of chief minister to drop all the resolution pertaining to the formation of new talukas, is not really worth noting and shocking, Gowda said.


Further he said government which cites paucity of funds for constitution of new talukas, has flagged of projects worth Rs 4000 crores on the first day of assuming the power, given this situation government should not revoke the decision of taluk formation, former chief minister appealed.

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DVS further criticized the congress government for it plans to implement the Cow slaughter prevention bill of 1964 and adding that any moves to revoke the Bill contemplated by erstwhile BJP government would definitely hurt the sentiments of majority Hindus.

Further on the proposal, for the cheap supply of liquor Gowda said it gave a room for a suspicion that government might be having some under the table deal with some liquor lords.

Referring to the statement made by chief minister with regard to Udipi Mutts and Gokarna under the purview of Muzrai department, Gowda warned the government of any repercussion, if it does not heed the sentiments of the devotees before taking any hasty decision and thereby creating a scene of blood path in the street.

 Gowda further said that strict implementation of “Goonda Act”as stated by KJ George, home minister is welcome move but do not mix hatredness in the politics, which might boomerang at later stage and it will not be tolerated, he quipped.

He also urged the chief minister to give top priority towards solving the present water crisis facing several parts of the state instead of worrying on unproductive aspects.

District BJP President Padmanabha Kottari, Nitin Kumar, former president of “fisheries development corporation, Pushpalatha Gatti, District BJP vice president, Rajgopal Rai, media spokesperson and among others were present.

Photo source: Sathish Kapikad

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