Dakshina Kannada hopeful of good monsoon

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Mangalore, May 24: Dakshina Kannada is aiming to cultivate paddy in around 33,500 hectares of land in the coming monsoon.

With the good expectation of timely monsoon this year, agricultural activities have already been begun . It was also rained in different parts of the villages of the district during mid of May, 2013.

In some parts of the district already started sowing seeds with help of pump water. According to the prediction of Meteorological department, monsoon is expected to hit the coastal region of Karnataka in the first week of June, 2013, thereby chances of advancing agricultural activities are  more.

District is aiming to grow paddy in Mangalore taluk 11,800,Bantwal 9,800,Belthangadi 8,500,Puttur 3,200 and in Sullia 500 hectares of land during ensuing monsoon.Also it aims to grow paddy in Rabi in 24,000 and during summer 2,500 hectares of land.

1.5 ton Paddy

It was reported that in last year Dakshina Kannada had produced a total of around 1, 58,600 tons of paddy,which includes all the three seasons’ i.e.Khaarif, Rabi and summer. In Khaarif alone a total of 31,498 hectares followed by in Rabi 21,201 and in summer 1505 hectares of land paddy was grown.

It was analyzed that agricultural activities were delayed due to late arrival of rain in the month of June and July in last year and hence could not reach the expected target. As against the average rain of the district 3012.2 m.m, it was recorded 3341 m.m rain in last year.In the year 2011, it was recorded 4061 m.m of rain.

Seed sowing

Agricultural department is already equipped with enough of stock in view of meeting ever growing demand for paddy seeds. Normally during monsoon MO-4 and Jaya seeds were in more demand. In this contest department has kept the stock of MO 279 quintals and 100 quintals of Jaya, like this, a total of 370 quintals of paddy has been kept in stock. Already 32.75 quintals of seeds has been disbursed and subsidy of Rs 7/per kg on sowing seeds will be available, it said.

Expectation of special package

Dakshina Kannada is the main district in terms of agricultural activities. A few years back paddy was the main agricultural crop of the district is now losing its prominence and economical crops have been taken its place. Facing acute labour problem and existing agricultural land cannot be extended and ensure that existing land must not be reduced.

In this context it is suggested to implement some pro-farmers projects and create an awareness that more yield with less expenditure in the same existing land. Farmers have to be attracted and encouraged with some incentives and subsidies so that farmers are not running away from the agricultural activities.

It is understood that in Kerala, government has implemented various pro-farmer projects, packages for encouraging the farmers. In Karnataka too memorandum demanding packages and facilities for the farmers had been forwarded to government but government has responded positively so far, it said.

Helpline for Farmers:

1).Raitha Sahayavani-1800-425-3553

2).Krishi Maaratavahini-1800-425-1552 (Marketing centre)


4).Kissan Call Centre-1800-425-1551

5).Grahakara Rajya Sahayavani-1800-425-9339

6).Jai Kissan Call Centre-1800-425-1553

7).Havamaana Maahithi-080-22211118

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