Hindus are on the Hit List

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If you are a Christian, don’t read this. You might feel ashamed of your community’s leaders. If you are a journalist, read it only if you have an open mind and your pocket is not lined by NGO and similar funds. If you are a Hindu, you must read it. You must know that you are on the Hit List.

A senior Delhi Police official told me a recently – ‘What you are seeing is only a tip of the iceberg. None of us can really fathom the money and resources put behind this so called attack propaganda. All I will say is that something very ugly is taking shape and Modi has an uphill task as many vested interests feel threatened with India seeming to be growing stronger under his leadership’.

Here is a Christian, Robert Rosario, who will never get invited to fear mongering TV debates that are part of the concerted church agenda to create communal discord and target Hindus. Yes Hindus are on the Hit List.

This is what Robert has to say ‘How much Indian is the church in India? This is a serious question that needs to be asked given the turn of events unfolding every day. The cry of victimhood on one hand, and on the other the bishop claiming that ‘we are Indians’ and the Government of India should ensure our safety. This gives an impression that true Indian Christians are being targeted systematically, which is not a fact.

On the contrary,the church in India is very much unpatriotic and also teaches and preaches the same to its flock. The Church condemns democracy and practices hierarchy.The Bishop appointed by the ‘Roman pontiff’ claims to be the representative of Indian Christians. Over and above that,the bishops of India owe allegiance to the ‘Nuncio’ – the ambassador of Vatican to India, and pledge to ‘obey’ him. Nuncio enjoys Government of India privileges till date. He is neither elected or nominated by Indian Christians. Yet the Nunciohas the audacity to attack the elected government of India on silly instances and imaginary ‘threat perception.’

He is not the only one. Watch these two videos here: 1and 2. Do a cursory research on the Internet to know the filth these conversion factories are indulging in.

It is a fact that missionaries ask Hindus to spit on pictures of their gods, stamp on them with their feet to prove that Jesus is the only God. They teach Hindus to hate everything remotely connected with ‘Hinduism’, not enter their homes, not to eat with them or wear Indian clothes as that is the only way they can be true followers of the ‘Religion of Love’.

These sellers of Jesus use threat, intimidation, violence, hate, bribes… in fact, every imaginable dirty trick in the book to convert Hindus. But a GharWapsi makes the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) say – ‘Christians are under attack ever since the Modi government has taken over.

‘Ghar Wapsi is creating a negative image about India, is posing a threat to all Minorities, as it is an attempt to communally polarise and a bid to homogenise India and so Christians need assurance from the Government that they are safe in their motherland.’

So the logical question arises: are these Christians behaving like it’s their ‘motherland’? Or are they treating India as the largest ‘unreached mass of people’ just like a manufacturer targeting his market?

In the video above, this guy says that even Pepsi and Coke have done a better job of marketing than the Church in marketing the Gospel. Are we talking religion or are we talking brands? Is Jesus a corporate logo?

Secular pastors call 300 million Hindus demonic and Hinduism satanic. Demography is changing in most border states. In a matter of a few decades, 80 per cent of Nagaland became Christian. These same secular, Christian people behaved like a mob and marched in Dimapur, many in school uniforms, to ‘deliver justice’ to one they believed was a rapist. Secular murder?

It’s now pertinent to recall the case of State vs Catholic Popes Francis Bergogli et al in which the Chief Prosecutor said, ‘The Catholic Church is the world’s largest corporation and appears to be in collusion with the mafia, governments, police and courts worldwide.’

Indian Christians need to look within

The CBCI claims that Christians are under attack since Modi took over, which is an utter lie. The Evangelical Fellowship of India, in its recently published ‘Persecution Report 2014’says, ‘Violence against Christians picked up in independent India in the early 1990s reaching its peak in 2008–2009 with more than 1,000 incidents of violence and hate crimes reported against the Christian community.’

But then, out of the blue, and a paragraph later, as if on cue, the report says ‘Much of the violence has taken place after the new government of the National Democratic alliance headed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, came into power on 26 May, 2014.’

I read the report and couldn’t figure the Modi connection, although throughout the report they liberally blamed him, the RSS and Hindutva. I challenge anyone to show me a case of institutionalized persecution of Christians in India.

The Niyogi Committee Report of 1956 held the activities of Christian missionaries and conversions to be a threat to the Indian state. Later, through the 60s and 70s, many restrictions were put on them by the then Government. Missionaries were asked to leave the country, visas were cancelled, bills on Religious Freedom were passed, and for a while, the conversion business went into a slump as CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India) faced enormous flak. The tainted track record of Christian evangelists is nothing new. So, is that why a storm broke out over Mohan Bhagwat’s justified criticism of Mother Teresa?

In fact, the events unfolding in India are a mere manifestation of a global design. With not all, but most of the traditional missionaries gone since the 70’s, today the ‘Indian Missionary Movement is Hot’ as per Dr. Timothy Tenet from Asbury Theological Seminary who himself has trained many in India for this ‘movement.’Per him,there are over 50,000 Indian missionary workers mainly from South India who are travelling up north to spread the gospel.

South India has already converted well. And due to their amazing work, he estimates that over 100 million in India will be Christians in this generation. He bluntly tells evangelists, in this video, how to work, train, plan, resource and discipline countries like India and China, which constitute one third of the world population. Now China is not easy to deal with, and unlike India, the Nuncio in China does not report to the Vatican but to the Communist Party. So that leaves India as the ripe target.

The conversion business plan for Asia in this millennium is ready with funds, charts, training schools, translations of scriptures, workers and the ‘plan’ has been well articulated by many.

More than a traditional religious war,it’s a geo-political-cultural war by a well-funded and well-armed worldwide missionary network. There has been a sharp decline in the number of church faithfuls across Europe and America. Many lonely churches are being converted to bars, showrooms and museums. This is a huge threat and the church desperately needs the numbers in this survival game.

Yoga and Ayurveda have been giving the Vatican sleepless nights, what with many priests/churches in Europe and US declaring Yoga as Satanic and warning Christians to stay away from it. The only continent left where natives haven’t converted to either Christianity or Islam in a big way is Asia. Now the church won’t dare go into the muslim dominated countries, would it?

But Father, where is the Proof?

Seriously, Father, I can’t see it, I can’t see these ‘attacks’ against Christians and Churches in India Father. Do you realize this behavior of yours is changing India’s view of the average patriotic Indian Christian?

So what is making well-informed people like Admiral Isaac, Valson Thampu, the principal of St Stephens, the top cop Julio Rebeiro, the principal of Sophia’s College and others in red, purple, black and white skulls caps lie and foment hate?

To answer this, let’s try and understand how this Church Agenda of crying wolf, played out in the last couple of months.

Three roadside drunkards over a mid-night bet enter a Church in Delhi’s Vikaspuri to steal a petty thing or two. At 8:30 the next morning, a news channel gets the sound bytes:’Father, what happened?’ A gasping father says, ‘Our Church was attacked! This is the fifth Church in six months. There is a pattern to these attacks since Modi took over as PM. Hindu extremist elements are behind this’. The reporter: ‘But father how can you be so sure, without an inquiry?’ Father: ‘I know it!’. Of course the Father would know whodunit.

By Sumedha Sarvadaman

Courtesy : Indiafacts

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  1. Dr.MrsNKulkarniMD

    Dear Sumedha,

    Well said! Well done! Please circulate this article widely even to the MPs and the brain washed Indian media and the RSS. They need ro read it.

    It is very important you do this urgently.

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