Top 5 reasons women fake an orgasm during sex

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Did you know that over 95% of women who have given birth have never experienced an orgasm from penetration? Meaning the penis has never been able to make them orgasm in their life! Most men would never believe this. Most men will insist that every woman they have had sex with has experienced many orgasms during sexual intercourse. It’s not their fault as men are meant to think that they are pleasuring a woman and satisfying her. The reason why they don’t realise it is because women are very good at faking orgasms. Also read top 5 orgasm myths.

Why do women fake orgasms?

A woman’s orgasm is totally different from a man’s orgasm.  A man tries to delay ejaculation, while a woman tries to force it to happen. Here are a few reasons women fake it.

Women fake it to protect men’s pride

Without ever learning it or having a discussion, women tend to fake orgasms to protect a man’s pride and confidence. A woman will pretend that she has sexually climaxed so the man can feel like he’s done a good job and can ejaculate and remain confident for sexual experiences in the future. Here are 10 things women wish men knew about sex.

Many women do not know how to reach an orgasm

So why don’t women do the same for their sexual satisfaction and pleasure? With the female orgasm and female erection being far more complex compared to that of a man, it is not surprising that not only men but women simply don’t know how to reach an orgasm from sexual penetration.

Clitoris is not stimulated enough

The fact of the matter is that just like a man, a woman also needs an erection in order to orgasm from sexual penetration. Unlike a man who can become erect from a simple sight, sound, thought or memory, the only way for a woman to have a female erection is by reaching the climax phase of an orgasm which can only happen from stimulating the outer clitoris. This is why foreplay is also important.

All orgasms for a woman come from clitoral stimulation. Performing foreplay is rubbing the outer clitoris which makes a woman reach orgasm. Just because a woman can orgasm from rubbing and licking her clitoris does not mean that she will be able to orgasm from penis penetrating the vagina. Here are things you ought to know about the clitoris.

The sex is bad

Even when the sex feels bad and she knows she will not be satisfied at all, a woman is more likely to fake an orgasm or pretend that it’s so good she can handle it. She might even pretend, his penis feels too big or intense that she can’t take it anymore. Instead of breaking his sexual confidence she will fake pleasure just to speed up the process and get it over with.

Pregnancy does not depend on a woman’s orgasm

Unlike men, it is not necessary for a woman to orgasm in order to get pregnant. For this reason nature has made men easily able to orgasm whereas women have much more intense orgasms and have the potential to have multiple orgasms but they are difficult to come by.

Functioning as nature intends, man would never pretend to orgasm. Unlike a woman, a man will do whatever it takes to make sure that he ejaculates. Until the man reaches ejaculation, sex is not complete. Read 10 ways to give your women multiple orgasms.

What men should learn

Majority of men would disagree with this article that is evidence of how well a woman is able to fake an orgasm and how male confidence has been maintained. Although it does not help with women’s sexual satisfaction to continue faking orgasms, it is still done because teaching a man how to make a woman orgasm can be very difficult especially when women themselves don’t always understand how it works.

Now you might be asking yourself, if most women do not orgasm from the penis, how do they enjoy sex? What makes sex satisfying for women?

Just because she faked it doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy the sex. Women are influenced by their hormones which constantly change throughout the monthly fertility cycle. Some days sex can be satisfying without an orgasm, other days she won’t even want to have an orgasm. Studies show that women want an orgasm the most on the days they are ovulating (the 2-4 days in the month that she is fertile). Also read – sex without penis, it’s possible.

In my next article I will explain how the female orgasm works… how to make a woman orgasm and how a woman’s orgasm contributes to sexual reproduction as well as enhancing the sexual experience not only for the women but also for the man. Watch this space.

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