‘Modi factor’ will not work in Maharashtra Assembly polls, says Narayan Rane

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Mumbai: In what seems like a political comeback as the Congress election committee head in Maharashtra, the state industries minister Narayan Rane strongly stated that ‘Modi factor’ would not work in Maharashtra Assembly polls.

“Promises to contain inflation and increase in income tax slab were mere tall claims of ‘ache din’ made by the Prime Minister Modi during the Lok Sabha election campaigns. On the contrary, rail fares have hiked, petrol prices have spiralled and middle class is angry, as promises weren’t fulfilled,” Rane said.

These issues will be highlighted during our campaign, which will kick-start on September 1, and aggressive campaigning will be done to ensure that Congress continues with its governance in Maharashtra, he added.

The campaign would emphasize on the achievements of the state government as well as UPA government in past 15 years, including infrastructure projects and launch of metro and monorails.

India’s first monorail was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in Mumbai in February. Also, the launch of the Mumbai Metro rail recently was undertaken as the project of the Congress-led state government.

He further stated that Congress is the only party which has the required experience to run government at state level unlike the Shiv Sena head Uddhav Thackeray, who not only lacks experience but also resources.

BJP and Shiv Sena have fought all the Maharashtra Assembly elections together since 1998. The alliance is hoping for a victory at the by-polls, given the landslide victory of BJP in Lok Sabha elections.

“Apart from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, the state government has provided improved facilities in education sector and infrastructure development for the rural regions. Maharashtra fares better than any other state let alone the Gujarat. There is a growth in GDP rate, resulting in rise of investments in Maharashtra as compared to other states. These developments speak volumes about the policies and plans initiated by the Congress government in the state,’ Rane said explaining the parameters of development beyond Mumbai.

The current GDP of Maharashtra is approximately 13 lakh crore as compared to that of Gujarat which is 6 lakh crore.

When asked about what promises does the Congress have in store for public, he said, “We will work on our objectives slated in the manifesto, which will be out next week. We will not make empty promises, we will walk the talk.” However, he did not disclose his party’s agendas.

When asked on the high entertainment tax and the mandatory requirement of procuring 22 licenses for a single show to be hosted by artists, he said “Our concerned ministers will discuss the matter of high entertainment tax levied on the artists, which forces them to host their shows outside the city. Once again we plan to develop Mumbai city as the entertainment hub.”

Congress-NCP alliance has been ruling the state since 15 years. Although there is a likely chance of post-poll alliance between Congress and NCP, Rane hinted that the two parties might contest the polls individually.

When asked about the nominees for the chief ministerial candidate, Rane refused to divulge details.

In all praises for the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government, Rane said NDA government is just completing the tasks initiated by the previous government. They haven’t brought any change, instead are taking credit for the progress that have taken place under the UPA rule.

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