Political parties use panaka to woo voters

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Bang campn Modi-Ap 8_2014-019

Bangalore: Rama and Anjaneya temples were decked up as part of Rama Navami celebrations here on Tuesday. A large number of people were seen queuing up in front of the temples from very early in the morning.

Temple managements across the city had organised the distribution of panaka (juice), majjige (buttermilk) and kosumbari (salad). Several organisations put up pandals on the roadside and distributed the juice and buttermilk among passersby.

In the sweltering Tuesday afternoon, panaka and majjige were a hit among pedestrians and motorists alike, who stopped by to quench their thirst.

During the festival that marks the victory of the good over evil, special pujas were performed, and cultural programmes and music concerts were held. The celebrations were used by political parties to reach out to voters considering huge turnouts at temples ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Congress candidate for the Bangalore South Lok Sabha seat Nandan Nilekeni visited many temples. Many legislators, councillors and local leaders used the celebrations to connect with voters and seek their support to the party nominees. Many pandals where panaka, majjige and kosumbari were distributed were sponsored by local political leaders, said a political party leader.

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