Deck the halls and trees

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BANGALORE, December 21:  It is that time of the year when evergreen coniferous, pine and spruce trees make their appearance in homes, offices and commercial complexes. The trees, festooned with glitter and adornments, are perhaps the most noticeable sign that Christmas is here.

For Bangaloreans, decorating the Christmas tree is a ritual enjoyed best with family and friends. Nine-year-old Sunita Cimon, a resident of Cox Town, says setting up the tree is her favourite activity during Christmas. Sunita’s tree, decked with bells, tinsels, lights and capped with a shiny star, makes for a pretty picture.

Stephen Gerad, also from Cox Town, says the tree is symbolic of prosperity.

Sylvia D’Souza, a resident of Banaswadi, said the tree should be the first thing a visitor should notice.

An expensive affair

Despite the excitement, old-timers complain that the ‘festival of joy’ is getting more expensive by the year.

Raghavendra S., one among the scores of artificial Christmas tree dealers in Commercial Street, says he sells trees ranging from 2 ft to 20 ft tall, priced between Rs. 200 and Rs. 50,000.

Christmas decorations too are getting more elaborate. Ramesh Kaur, a vendor on Commercial Street, says decorations no longer are restricted to Christmas stars or shiny ball ornaments. “Today, there are models of forest animals, mushrooms and artificial snow, which help add a touch of winter to the tree.” These items cost anywhere between Rs. 50 and a few thousands.

Mridula C. is one of those who still prefers simple, handmade decorations. , A homemaker in Ramamurthynagar, she teaches her children to make Christmas decorations by hand. “It is a unique feeling to create your own design. There is effort and satisfaction involved when you see it on the tree, although it may not look as fancy as the ones bought at the store.”

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