Puppetry revived at Rangoli Metro Art Centre

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BANGALORE: Puppetry, the lost Indian art form is going to get revived in the city at Rangoli-Metro Art Centre. Starting with a gallery display of the nine popular types of puppets from Tuesday to Friday at the Vismaya Gallery, there will be shows on September 1 and 15 and workshops on how to make puppets and produce a show.

Karnataka’s pride Anupama Hosekere is the master puppeteer who is championing the revival in Bangalore. She is going to produce shows as well as her team will be conducting the interactive workshop on puppetry and the lost art form. The themes are Panchantra and the Vijaynagar kingdom of Maharaja Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar.

Starting from Karnataka’s string puppetry, Suthradhara, road puppetry, finger puppetry, West Bengal rod puppetry, Indoneisan puppetry, European Pop up, Jumping jack, motorized and paddle puppetry, everything comes alive together in a shows on September 15 called Magic hours.

“When I cam back to India, I was suffering from the loss of cultural identity. I blamed the government but then I thought to teach my children about the culture of my country, I have to do something. I started puppetry and went to Prague to get a degree in design and toured the villages in the country to get the knowledge of the art form and cultural influence on puppetry. The receptivity of people has kept me going and I am happy showcasing this at such a grand scale,” she told TOI.

An engineer by degree, Bharatnatyam danseuse, she is one of the well known puppeteers in the country now. Each production of a one hour show costs her Rs2.5 lakh but guess what? She has managed to get people to carve the puppets and produce the shows voluntarily as if a home project. She has also revived the Eachanur puppetry. Eachanur is a small village that practiced a form of this art in Tumkur since 1912 but that is completely lost now.

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