Musical extrtavaganza by school kids

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Sophia-High-SchoolBANGALORE: For the first time ever, 982 students from Sophia High School in the city will come together to stage a musical production, titled “The Alternative Snow White” on August 17 and 18.

The school’s endeavour has been to involve each and every student in the musical, giving them responsibilities, ownership and above all a sense of collective belonging.

Directed by a former teacher of the school, Dr Ashley William Joseph, the musical “The Alternative Snow White” is written by David Barrett and choreographed by V.Ganesh.

The school principal sister M Priscilla said, “The students are highly enthused about the show and we are moved by their camaraderie. It is really heartwarming to see 982 students joining hands to make the programme a success and they are eagerly awaiting audience appreciation.”

Little Snow White, as it was first published in the 1812 Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and later popularized as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Broadway and by Hollywood, is a ubiquitous part of childhood storytelling.

The evil queen consumed by vanity and greed, the pure as snow stepdaughter whose beauty incurs her wrath, the valiant little men who save her from the fangs of death and the ultimate triumph of the young, beautiful princess are the stuff that nightmares and fairytales are made of. This musical is a humorous adaptation of this classic tale.

The victory of virtue over vice sounds ‘grim’ indeed, but here the moral has been brought home with large doses of humour. This phenomenal musical production offers haunting melodies, unforgettable songs, action packed sequences, magical creatures, suspense, teary eyed moments and much more.

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