Single Girls Don’t Want To Hear Anymore 6 Questions

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One of the most offensive yet socially accepted questions that are thrown in a single girl’s face is ‘why are you still single?’.

It’s almost as if your existence as a girl is under serious questioning if you haven’t dreamt of the perfect wedding with the man of your dreams, who should look like the male version of a curly haired Goldilocks as he strides down your path on a white mare.

And as if one question wasn’t enough, our Indian society is so frazzled by any unconventional thought process that it has constructed a long list of questions that can be asked to any single girl without the fear of being socially inappropriate.

Well, we’re quite done with it, and we’re sure you are too. Scroll on as we list down the top winner of this list, and lament over the lack of feminist ideals that is still so prevalent in our ‘progressive’ nation.

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