Moulting cobra sparks stir at high court

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BANGALORE: A female cobra, about five-and-a-half foot long, created a flutter in the Karnataka high court on Monday evening. The cobra had found a comfortable place in the complex, near the ground floor canteen, to slough off its skin.

A court official spotted the snake in the afternoon and alerted the BBMP. A rescue squad arrived on the premises and returned after a futile search.

Snake experts Sameer and Yusuf, who were summoned, spotted the snake again in the corridors around 4pm. When they spotted the snake slithering into a horizontal pipe installed for drawing cables, they used a water jet to flush it out.

The cobra is suspected to have quietly made its way into the adjacent Cubbon Park through the pipe.

It sparked off some panic among lawyers and litigants, who were left gazing curiously at the papery skin it had shed before disappearing.




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