Town hall remains closed -September 15th to December 31st

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Mangalore, September 2: Maintenance of the public property means, it depends on how careful the public’s are while using it.  Our Town Hall is an evidence for this.

It is uncertain that, due to the negligence of MCC which is maintaining it or due to the negligence of the public’s who use it, the seats will be torn off within two months following the repair work at the Town Hall. Along with the shoddy arrangement of the lighting and the loud speaker; during the rainy season, there is a fear of leakage in building at certain points. Even in such a state, now the Town Hall is enthusiastic to celebrate the Golden Jubilee ceremony.

The MCC has undertaken the renovation works at the Town Hall for the Golden Jubilee Celebration during the month of December 2014 on completion of its 50th year.

Since the renovation works will be carried on; from September 15th to December 31st the town Hall will remain closed. The Town Hall at Mangalore was opened on December 29th, 1964. It has been an evidence for various programmes taken place almost daily such as Dramas, Weddings, Government Programmes, comprising the other programmes as well. Situated at the heart of the city, it is a centre of attraction but the maintenance is of quite a low grade.

The repair work of the Town Hall was carried out during the year1997.

During the year 2013-14, a total of 317 programmes were organised in the town hall and an income of Rs 12.36 lakhs income was collected by the MCC.

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