Rasa Drushyagalu, a new experiment in the field of Yakshagana.

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Kundapur, May 22: “Rasa Drushyagalu” (famous episodes of 10 Yakshagana Prasangas/stories) was organized with the collaboration of Cultural Department of Govt. of India and Cooperation of Sudharshana Urala in Hande Shri Mahaganapati Mahavishnu Temple, Kotta recently. The programme was also marked by Guruvandana (a respect to the Guru).


The programme was inaugurated by handing over the Thala to the bhagavata by Shri Gopalakrishna Nayari, speaking on the occasion he said, “New experiments and innovations should be implemented in Yakshagana, collaboration of old culture and modern features will lead to the growth of this unique style art form. Sudarshana Urala has done a rightful job by bringing together 10 episodes of 10 different Yakshagana Prasangas.”


Director of Saligrama Makkala Mela, Shridar Hande also spoke on the occasion. Director of Bengaluru Yakshadegula, K. Mohan, actress Raksha Holla, Amar Hande and Tejeshwar Rao bestowed their good wishes to te programme and all the artists.

The occasion was also marked by a Guruvandana to Director M.N. Madhyasta by Urala couple.

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