Foundation stone laid for “In-Land Avens – A new venture by In-Land builders

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Mangalore, April 26: In the heart of the city, a  well reputed builders In-Land builders has  laid the foundation stone for their upcoming new project ‘In-Land Avens ‘near Kadri temple road.

All the Pooja rituals have been performed by Veda Murthy Giridhar Bhat, main priest of Balambat temple, Mangalore. Besides, assistant priest of Bendore church Fr.John Mores and Kamil Sakaafi, of Farangipete Masjid have blessed the occasion.

Rohan Monthero from property firm, advocate Aziz P Hegde,Pushparaj Jain,secretary,Cride,D.K.Ashok,MCC-corporator,Nagar Narayana Shenoy,Padmanabha pai,M S pai,Amratha Kini,William D’souza,Anil Hegde,Subbayya Shetty,M P Shenoy among others were participated and landlord Kadri Raghavendra and Abdul Rehman were present.

Siraj Ahmad, MD of In-Land builders welcomed the guests and director Meraj Yusuf proposed a vote of thanks.

The upcoming project “In-Land Avens” with all the modern facilities like college, hospitals, close to market, situated in the heart of the city, on the Kadri temple road.

This ideally located building in the heart of the city with G+4floor, there are 7 flats in each floor, a total of 28 flats are available in the building. The 1BHK admeasuring 785 Sqft, 2BHK admeasuring 1255& 1275 Sqft and 3BHK admeasuring 1565&1620 Sqft.

In-Land builders as their tradition will construct the building in such a way that tenants of the flats will get all the modern facilities, beautiful and attractive natural scenario in it.

The company which started in 1986 has become a household name because of its innovative design, quality of the building and commitment of the owners in terms of delivery. For the past twenty seven years company has been delivering high class, super deluxe buildings by using modern technology.

In-Land builders and developer has got many completed residential and commercial buildings both in Bangalore and Mangalore.

Besides In-land infrastructure developers Pvt Ltd has got ISO 9001:2008 certificates and the member of Credai and green building.

Siraj Ahmad-MD has told that very shortly company is contemplating to go for residential and independent house in areas likeValencia, Falnir, Puttur and Bangalore rural area like Doddaballapur.

Special features about our projects:-

  1. G+3 floors.7 flats in each floor. Total of 28 flats in the building.
  2. Gymnasium in Terrace
  3. Reticulated Gas connection in each floor
  4. Fire prevention and control system
  5. 8 people capacity automatic elevator



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