Major contribution by BJP Govt for women’s welfare: Says Sulochana Bhat

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Mangalore, April 26: Addressing the media reporters in the press meet held at BJP’s head office,Kodialbail on April 25,Thurdday  Sulochana G K Bhat,Vice President,BJP said in her speech that BJP has been responding very well  and implemented many pilot  programmes for the welfare of the women ever since BJP came to power.

She further said that, if one woman becomes an educated and financially independent, it is an asset for whole family and can lead a respectable life in the society and thereby build a beautiful society, she added

Realizing all the benefits which BJP government had extended during their tenure for the past five years, she has appealed to all the women to franchise their votes to BJP in the upcoming assembly election and work hard for the victory of the party, she emphasized.

Around fifteen lakh women have been benefitted through, Starting from pre-delivery programe like ‘Thaayiya Bhagya Yojane’ (Mother’s fate programme) ‘Madilu Yojane’ (post delivery facilities programmes), Bhagya Laxmi programme and proper education, she said.


Throughout the state many colleges have been started exclusively for poor girl students and subsequently the same has been upgraded, she added.

In line with Kasturba Gandhi girls model, 74 schools are existing  in the state with hostel facilities and for scheduled caste/tribes girl students scholarship ranging from Rs.5000/-to Rs.10,000/= is being disbursed and under employment scheme  Rs.20 crores had been granted and with that  around 2,40,000 people have been benefitted.

 An honorarium amount of Rs.1250 to 4500 has been increased to all the administrative staff and helpers were given Rs 750 to 2250.

20 crores had been granted for the construction of Sthree Shakthi Bhavans in 151 talukas all over the state and around 1.40 lakh sthree Shakti groups are engaged in their activities

For the benefit of fisherwomen a scheme of  sanctioning  loan up to Rs.50,000/at the interest rate of 3% from the nationalized banks and remaining 12% of interest being borne by the government, separate construction of shed for the fish vending women etc are the major projects undertaken by BJP Govt, she said.

As many as 611031 women have been benefitted from 4186 minority cell sava-sahaya women’s groups under self-employment scheme. For this particular programme BJP Govt has sanctioned Rs.56.40 crores.

After obtaining banking training from NIIT (National institute of industrial training) 36 students from minority communities are working in bank permanently, it said.

Through women counseling cancer, heart disease patients have been financial help ranging from Rs.25, 000 to 1, 00,000 spending a total of Rs.2.50 crores and 700 women have been benefitted and rupees five crores has been spent for self-employment, she explained.

In all the local administrative departments 50% of job reservation for women has been kept, water problem which existed for the past fifty years under congress rule has been resolved by BJP government through constructing dams.

Besides, upgrading government hospitals women patients are able to get better treatments now.

As a result of bad governance, prices of all the daily essential commodities have gone skyrocketing and during Vajpayee’s regime LPG gas cylinders were available easily but now under congress government the same has been restricted to 6 cylinders per year.

Effective from this month, the quantity in disbursement of rice and wheat has been reduced for BPL card holders and therefore providing 30Kgs of rice at the rate of Rs.1/-is totally absurd and we cannot trust the false propaganda of congress.

Keeping in mind all these and studying minutely the developments made by BJP,all the women have collectively decided to support BJP in the upcoming assembly election, she said.

Prominent leader of Mahila unit Smt.Shantha, Smt.Pulasya Rai were present in the meet.

Photo source: satish Kapikad

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