’Kundapur 101 Graamagalu’ book released

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Kundapur, May 7: “While recording the history of any particular region, importance should be given to people’s tongue rather than the land law and its scriptures,” said Dr. A.V. Nauda after releasing the book titled ’Kundapur 101 Graamagalu’ (Kundapur 101 Villages) published by Kundaprabha Trust which was held at Kundapur Kalaamandira on Wednesday.

“Legislations are passed by the Kings, so the scripture will be written as it was told by the kings. But the happiness and the sorrows of the common man cannot be found in these scriptures. Hence while writing the history of any region, it is necessary to go from the bottom to the top instead of writing from the top to the bottom. The history of a region will be complete only when its cultural development is written along with its economical and social developments. Different regions have different histories. ‘Kundaprabha Trust’ has done a great job in this regard. It has continued the work of Bhandarkars College which has published ‘Darshana’ magazine in 1970,” he added.

Later Dr. A.V. Nauda handed over his editorial book ‘Kannada Nudisiri’ to Kundaprabha Trust president U.S. Shenoy.

The famous politician and the senior citizen, Shri B. Appanna Hegde, in his presidential speech said, “Shri U.S. Shenoy has prepared this book with a view to provide an introduction about the regions of Kundapur. Many historical places are there in Kundapur, more of these kinds of books should be published.”

Mr. Jayavanth Pai proposed the vote of thanks and Mr. Vishwanath Karaba hosted the programme.

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