Transgender minorities to get self employment help

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Mangalore April 30: The state government has brought into play a number of projects to help transgender gain self confidence and take up self employment so that they lead a respectable life. These projects were proposed by the women and child welfare department and even the implementation will be taken care by them.

In Dakshina Kannada district according to social workers there are 1688 transgender minorities.  If in Mangalore taluk there are 800 transgender in Puttur  taluk there are more than this. These transgenders who are classified as minorities through the agency of women and child welfare department have been allocated Rs. 20000.

Shree Chaamundee self help committee, Jyothee self help committee, Maanasa self help committee and Navasamaja self help committee had appealed to the women and child welfare department to release an amount of 1 lakh to each group. Taking a cluster of five people making four groups for every group 1 lakh, totally 4 lakh rupees financial help has been approved by the women and child welfare department so said the deputy director.

Many transgender have come forward to own and maintain tea stalls, beauty parlours, tailoring establishments, vegetable shops and so on. They have been given work training by women’s development forum. All the district administrative have been persuaded to make an allocation of Rs400 monthly pension to this same group of people.

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