Health service urgency, Mangalore and Ullala to be provided health kiosks: U.T. Kadar

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Mangalore April 30th: “Mangalore and Ullala will be soon getting health kiosks which will be concentrated on the areas difficult to find health care centres,” said the health and family welfare minister U.T. Khadar

Addressing a press conference at the district Congress office on Tuesday, he said, “Establishing kiosks is under Government consideration and will be soon implemented.”

What is meant by health kiosk?

In remote interior areas accessible to mobile health centres are not possible, kiosks will compensate this. It will have ANM, stock of medicines etc. The doctors will visit these people and render medical assistance.

Citizens health improvement to get a boost

Mangalore will get 10 and Ullala will get 7 programmes of implementation.  Primary health centres will be established in 7 different locations in Mangalore and in 3 locations existing health centres will be revitalized. Towards this end finance worth Rs 2.66 crores will be released for Mangalore and 1.25 crores for Ullala said the minister.

In Mangalore places such as, Surathkal, Koolai, Kunjathbail, Shakteenagar, Neereshwalya, Padeel, Jappinamogaru, Jeppoo, Bolara, Bengre, and Kadri will be provided primary health centres. Speaking further the health minister said that, these primary health centres will consist of 2 doctors, 3 ANMs, one lab technician and pharmacist.

In Ullala, computer files will be generated about family members, health status etc. In this regards 20 lakh rupees have been released and with the help of cooperative societies this can be made a big project said Khadar. Ullala which has been provided 6 ITI courses will start functioning this year he said.


Monkey fever

A programme for the control of spreading of monkey fever will be implemented soon. As for now 20,000 vaccines have been supplied and 6000 people have been vaccinated he said. The revising of the guidelines under the present system is going on and under the leadership of the health department secretary a steering committee will be formed. According to the present guidelines people below 5 years and above 60 years can be vaccinated.

Compensation project to quickly take off

Momentum will be given to emergency medical help to accident victims from the chief ministers compensation project. Taking into consideration the severity of the accident the compensation is graded as Rs 5000, Rs15000 and Rs25000. For Rs5000 and Rs15000 compensation will be provided on the spot.  For Rs25000 state level agreement is in order and emergency handover details are being worked out and will take place.

Aasha workers will get more monthly salary and action has been initiated. At present Rs2,200 is the figure. The workers who have not got their salary will be getting it next month before the 10th said the minister.

Tollbooth incident condemned

The attack and destruction of the tollbooth was condemned by the minister. He said that nobody should take the law into their own hands.  Setting aside political affiliations the situation should be defused.

Murder condemned

Reacting on the issue of ANF personnel shooting Kabeer and the local MLA Sunil Kumar’s statement, the health minister condemned the shooting saying no person should make light of this. Sunil Kumar is propagating Taliban culture he said.

DCC President Ibrahim Kodijaal, leader T.K. Sudhir, Zilla Panchayat member N.S. Kareem were seated.

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