Ancient stone bearing Tulu inscription found near Kumble

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Kasargod, April 21: A Tulu script inscribed in an ancient stone was discovered in a field in Aranthodu in Kidar near Kumble in Kasargod.

An ancient stone was spotted in the field belonging to Narayana Shetty which was buried three fourth into the land.

According to Shivram Shetty, Special Village Officer of Kodlamogaru and writer Shankara Kunjattur, the Tulu script inscribed on the stone is easily readable and clear.

The stone was found three kilometers away from Herur and said to be having links with the nearby traditional house of Bambrana Guthu, which is in terrible condition.

Uppala Special Village Officer Shivram Shetty, Narayana Shetty, Ramachandra Bengere and Sharath have helped find the inscription.

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