Poor service, lack of maintenance and management by Air India Express, dissatisfies passengers

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Dubai April 21st: The Air India Express, flight from Dubai to Mangalore has not kept up to its name. Showing poor service, it has been facing curses of the passengers.

The Air India express which comes under the purview of the Government of India has made passengers irritated by its poor performance.

The food served to passengers during the flight is not of a praiseworthy nature. The seating of the passengers leaves much to be desired. Their punctuality is again dubious. No one is paying any attention to the passengers’ woes.


The Dubai Mangalore flight which started in the year 2006 in the month of October has turned out to be a hellish experience for the passengers. The flight which was a pleasant one at the very beginning slowly got worse as the days passed and the service of the staff deteriorated.

On April 12, 2014 Saturday evening the plane Air India Express, which started from Dubai to Mangalore had to make an emergency landing in Muscat due to technical reasons. It seemed no one cared for the passengers. The rectification of the trouble was done very late and the passengers reached Mangalore on the next day.


The Air India officials got the passengers to disembark at Muscat who were forced to sit for a long period of time in the airport. On this account the passengers voiced dissatisfaction with the Air India officials and also registered complaints.

The Air India express flight from Dubai to Mangalore on the night of April 17 was postponed to April 18 citing technical hitches.


UAE’s Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al khaimah are the places from where most of the passengers embark or disembark. These passengers were uninformed about the cancellation of a flight and had to fight for their rights against making them sit in the airport.

The food served on board such as chips, bread, a plate of rice and dhal and a small bottle of mineral water. This is not enough. The seats to sit are rigid and cannot be rotated. This leads to back ache as passengers have to sit for 3.30 hours. The passengers have to remain seated throughout and have restricted movements.


The people from Karavali region having school holidays from June to August and are in favour of going back home in this period. However they are now changing their mind and deciding not to.

On the aeroplane there is also many cockroaches and houseflies. They are found in the food sometimes.


Air India which proudly called itself budget airlines however has now found that its tickets are become highly expensive. Passengers say that if the rates are compared on Emirates Airliner from Dubai to Bangalore and the rates on Air India express, one can find them much cheaper on Emirates Airliner.

The service and the food on Emirates Airliner is much better.


The rates on Air India are increasing day by day. The service is also of very poor quality. The passengers are questioning the officials and want to know when this is going to improve.


Even though there are quite a few ministers in the central and state cabinet from Karavali, Air India Express has rendered very shabby service to the Dubai Mangalore passengers. There is a request that the people’s representatives should be alerted and should provide better facilities through new planes, and improvement in the quality of food.

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