Good Friday Observed with Solemnity in City

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Mangalore, Apr 18: Good Friday, one of the most important days in the Christian calendar, was observed with solemnity in various parishes across the city on Friday April 18.

Good_Friday_milagres_2 Good_Friday_milagres_3 Good_Friday_milagres_4 Good_Friday_milagres_5 Good_Friday_milagres_6


Good_Friday_Melagres_2 Good_Friday_Melagres_3 Good_Friday_Melagres_4 Good_Friday_Melagres_5

Good_Friday_Melagres_6 Good_Friday_Melagres_7 Good_Friday_Melagres_8 Good_Friday_Melagres_9 Good_Friday_Melagres_10

Thousands of devotees flocked to their respective churches to participate in the Good Friday service.

Good_Friday_milagres_7 Good_Friday_milagres_8 Good_Friday_milagres_9 Good_Friday_milagres_10 Good_Friday_milagres_11


Good_Friday_milagres_13 Good_Friday_milagres_14 Good_Friday_milagres_15 Good_Friday_milagres_16 Good_Friday_milagres_17

The Way of the Cross was enacted in the churches, depicting the events surrounding the crucification of Jesus Christ. The devotees carried images of Jesus and Mother Mary.

Good_Friday_Melagres_11 Good_Friday_Melagres_12 Good_Friday_Melagres_13 Good_Friday_Melagres_14

Good_Friday_Korel_15 Good_Friday_Korel_16 Good_Friday_Korel_17 Good_Friday_Korel_18 Good_Friday_Korel_19

Good_Friday_Korel_20 Good_Friday_Korel_21 Good_Friday_Korel_22 Good_Friday_Korel_23 Good_Friday_Korel_24

The church ceremonies on this day include reading of the Passion of Christ, reciting a string of prayers, unveiling and veneration of the Cross and communion service.

Gud_Friday_Pics_1 Gud_Friday_Pics_2



Gud_Friday_Pics_4 Gud_Friday_Pics_6 Gud_Friday_Pics_7 Gud_Friday_Pics_8

At Milagres Church, statues representing the stations have been installed along the compound wall and the congregation moved from station to station, reciting the relevant prayers.

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