Painter accused of molesting woman in Dubai

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A painter was arrested by security guards while inappropriately touching a woman at a store in Al Barsha.

According to prosecution records, the incident happened at around 6pm on February 5 when the 28-year-old Egyptian was also spotted on CCTV touching himself which he later admitted in the investigation by saying he could not stop himself.

On Thursday, he denied molestation and committing an indecent public act charges in the Court of First Instance. He maintained his denial claiming that ‘it did not happen’ even when told about footage of the incident.

A police sergeant said the incident was reported in the mall by security guards. “We found the defendant held at the security office and he admitted that he touched a woman near the cash counter as he could not help doing that,” the sergeant told the prosecutor.

A Pakistani Security Control System operator at the shopping store said the accused drew his suspicions as he was constantly standing near women.

“I tracked his movements on camera and spotted him repeatedly touching a woman at a cash counter and making it look like he was not doing it intentionally.”

The witness informed his superior who then brought the defendant and held him at their spot until the police arrived.

The store’s CCTV showed the defendant heading towards the cash counter where he deliberately touched a woman several times while touching himself, taking advantage that she was busy with the cashier.

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