It is our Power, it is our Right, it is our Duty

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With all the publicity going around on the subject of Lok Sabha elections, rallies, speeches  and every corner of our life including Facebook, Whatsapp, News portals, Newspapers and TV channels being bombarded with promotions of various political parties, do we realize what actually is happening?

Our ancestors had a dream 66 years ago, today we see it shattering in front of our eyes. The reason for this being we don’t perform our Duties. Voting is not just our duty, but also our right and is a power given to Indian citizens.

Don’t give up on your self-respect, your fundamental right and most importantly, the lives that were sacrificed so India can be a true democratic nation. A citizen holds the highest position in democracy. So remember we are the creators of our leaders, understand your value in shaping the future of this nation.

Don’t plan for vacations on the voting day. That mark you get on your finger is a symbol of the role u played in upholding yourself as the citizen of our nation. Kannadiga World sincerely requests to all its readers, please vote, think before you vote and vote for the right candidate.

By Abhishek Kukkillaya

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