No force can stop ‘Modi’s Arrival to City; Challenges Bhandary & Karnik

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Mangalore, April 23: Addressing the media reporters on April 23, Monday both Monappa Bhandary, Vidhana Parishat member and capt.Ganesh Karnik announced that Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat and a national leader would be visiting the city on April, 25, Thursday for election campaign and start his election campaign first at Bangalore.

Further they said that ‘Modi’ is our national leader and they challenged Janardhan Poojary, if poojary got any guts and dare enough to stop Modi’s visit to the city, let him stop the arrival, they told.

In the event of Modi’s visit to the city, people will be mesmerized with his charismatic talk, which will in turn enable the BJP party to garner more public support and thereby congress will lose its prominence in the region.

Hon’ble Poojary, your permission is not required for the arrival of Modi to the city and will be visiting city at any cost under any circumstances. Because Modi is an astitute, able, shrewd and dynamic leader of our country.

 Fearing Modi’s magnetic power of pulling the crowd towards him with his naïve speech, Poojary might have scared of his arrival and hence he was constrained to utter those words, he tweeted.

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