Brisk election campaign in Byndoor Lok Sabha constituency, film stars campaign for election

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Kundapura: JDS candidate Geeta Shivarajkumar campaigned at Siddapura, Amparu and Kandlur constituting the Byndoor Lok Sabha constituency to promote JDS.  She was assisted by her husband Shivaraj Kumar, film actress Sanjana and Bangalore industrialist V.K. Mohan.


Speaking to the crowd, Shivarajkumar said, “I have come to render my service to people.  This is my intention of joining politics. My step from film acting to political life is for the reason being to reach out to more people and serve them.” Everyone is requested to give blessings to Geeta Shivaraj Kumar by ensuring her victory, he added.


Film actress Sanjana speaking on the dais said that Geeta Shivaraj Kumar was like her sister and she is destined for greatness.  If such a lady comes to power she will be like a backbone for the trials and tribulations of the people. She has come to politics to help the people she should be given the people’s blessings, was how Sanjana approached the voters.


Speaking on the same platform V.K. Mohan said all castes and religions were the same as per his ideology.  He said that up to the present moment he has not been a member of any political party.  I have not undertaken any caste based canvassing. I have not even been loyal to my community in their oneness and get-togethers.  V.K. Mohan pledged 20% of his successful endeavours to people in distress.


Noteable among those in attendance were Madhu Bangarappa the MLA and JDS head, Belavu Devi Prasad Shetty, Udupi district JDS President, working President Ghulam Ahmed, Mansoor Ibrahim district minorities wing president.

Also present were Women’s wing president Shalini Shetty, Kenchanur election official D.R.Raju, Ranjith Kumar Shetty Byndoor JDS president, Shrikanth Adiga, Yousuf Beary, Annappa Poojary, Sabladi  Manjayya Shetty, Kishore Ballal, Yennayya Poojary, Amparu Vijaya Shetty, and Abdul Rehman.

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Amparu, Kandlur, Naukuru, Mavinakatte, Neralakatte, Vandse, Chittoor, Idooru Kunjadi, Halkal, Arashirooru, Yadthere bypass, Byndoor, Dombe Shirooru, Shirooru Malpete, Uppunda, Kumbadakone, Naguru, Kirimanjeshwara, Maravanthe, Thrassi a village, Gujjaddi, Mullikatte, Hemmaddi, Tellur and such other places were entertained by road shows to canvass support.  On this occasion hundreds of people were assembled.

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