English media is against Modi, says senior journalist

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Udupi, April 7: Media has played a major role in tarnishing Modi’s image, especially English media is always against Modi, said senior journalist Dr. M.V. Kamat at the book launch of ‘Modi, Muslims and Media’ written by Madhu Poornima Kiswar. The launch was held at Hotel Kidiyuru on Sunday, April 6.

Modi is being called as Nazi for no good reason. I have been in Germany for 7 years and I know what Nazism is. There have been many riots since 1857. After Congress took over on Governance in 1945, there have been riots in almost all Congress lead States. Why don’t the media talk about this? He questioned. Countries like America and China insult India, soldiers are being brutally killed, but nobody is bothered. There should arise a leader like Modi to stop all this. I’m not BJP personnel, but I will support Modi for the betterment of this nation, he said.

Author Madhu Poornima spoke on the occasion and said that, “I have been to Gujarath, travelled for 6 months in various places, I have had conversations with Muslims and Congress workers and havelearnt that things are not as bad as media displays it to be. I have written this book after going through all facts.”

The program was organized by Namo Brigade, Siddharth Pai was the host and Vasant welcomed the gathering.

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