Lorry gets stuck, annoyance to traffic: NH66

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Kundapura, April 7: A lorry that was transporting a crusher machine at a highway widening zone was caught in a mesh.  This led to traffic snarl stuck in the intricate and difficult state of affairs for more than nearly 3 hours.  The national highway 66 in the Koteshwar Haladi junction was witness to this imbroglio on Sunday.

Lorry_Road_Jam_2 Lorry_Road_Jam_3 Lorry_Road_Jam_4

A crusher machine was being transported by a 20 wheel fuller heavy duty lorry from Beluvai towards Sulia.  In the Koteshwar junction national highway where widening work was going on.  When the fuller tried to come to terms with a ravine constructed of concrete the fuller in the resulting intricacy was not able to go forward nor was it able to go back.   This resulted in the Koteshwar Haladi junction as well as the traffic in the entire NH-66 being caught in a snare for more than 3 hours.  The arrival of the Kundapur traffic police on the spot was of little help.  A hitachi was brought but was of little use and traffic remained stuck.

Lorry_Road_Jam_5 Lorry_Road_Jam_6 Lorry_Road_Jam_7 Lorry_Road_Jam_8

Later a crane arrived from Beluvai and scraped out the stuck up front wheels of the fuller and as evening arrived the traffic was able to resume on NH-66

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